VotingWorks is hiring its first full-time head of engineering.

About VotingWorks

VotingWorks is the only non-profit in the United States building voting machines, audit software, and other technology to power our public elections. We believe in democracy and well-run free & fair elections. We see a growing crisis of voter confidence in our elections, and we believe transparent, simple, and secure technology can help. That’s what we’re building. Voting technology developed in concert with election administrators, with all source code and documentation published for the world to see, based on off-the-shelf hardware so it’s affordable to all American counties.

Some videos of our work:

Job Responsibilities

  • managing all engineers (currently 6, growing to at most 10 in the next year)
  • approximately 50% management & coordination, 25% code reviews, 25% coding
  • coordinate all engineering, including kickoffs, retros, standups
  • collaborate closely with Executive Director / Chief Architect to build deliberate and simple architecture
  • collaborate closely with Product Managers to form teams, scope / estimate work
  • build strong working relationships between Engineering and other org functions
  • represent interests of Engineering Team to the rest of the org, the Executive Director
  • build a productive and efficient team through focus on light process, infrastructure, and tooling
  • help the team manage ambiguity and rapid changes
  • build a sustainable and respectful work environment

Job Requirements

  • 8+ years of full-time experience as a software engineer building software using web technology
  • 1+ year of experience managing engineers
  • Strong technical skill, not too rusty
  • Strong experience and appreciation for automated software testing
  • Experience and comfort with a distributed organization
  • Very strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with both technical and non-technical colleagues, especially given our distributed org

A Typical Week at VotingWorks

In a typical week, we expect the Head of Engineering will:

  • support engineers through 1:1s, coordination meetings, removing obstacles.
  • look for and solve process inefficiencies, including notably in the software dev & release process.
  • Review code from reports as needed
  • Write code especially for small / medium gap features that would break the flow of other engineers.
  • Discuss software architecture direction with peers and the Chief Architect
  • Represent engineering and participate in org strategy discussions with Executive Staff.

Location, Teamwork, Work-Life Balance

VotingWorks is a fully distributed organization. Team members work from wherever they choose in the United States and attend meetings over video or audio conference. Work when you prefer, as long as you can be available 5 hours per weekday during Pacific timezone business hours for team coordination. We use Slack a lot, and we jump on video or audio calls when synchronous discussion is more effective.

We're a small organization where work can sometimes get busy because elections are never rescheduled, and we care deeply about setting limits and ensuring team members have the balance they seek in their lives.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

VotingWorks is deeply committed to building a diverse team and an inclusive work environment. We aim to build a voting system that earns American’s trust, and so we must build a team that represents all Americans. We believe that a team with a diversity of life experiences and points of view is a much better team than one where “culture fit” really means “everyone is the same.” And we know that all of this is a lot easier said than done. In order to reduce our bias and ensure we consider a truly diverse pool of candidates, the interview process is the same for everyone, with clear rubrics on our end about what constitutes a good performance in a given interview. Wherever possible when we're evaluating skill, we do so while collecting and using as little personal information about you as possible. If you enjoy using your software engineering and leadership skills for the public good and contributing to building a diverse & inclusive team where we all learn from one another, then we hope you’ll apply.

Your Application

When you apply, you'll be prompted for a resume and a cover letter. For the cover letter, we're looking for a paragraph or two about what is interesting to you about VotingWorks, and a paragraph or two about what you would bring to the role of Head of Engineering. The best cover letter is at most a page and covers a couple of thoughts that help us get to know you in ways that are not just repeating your resume.